What mask is right for me?

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reusable mask to-medicare


  • Mask made from fabric with ear loops or elastic straps
  • No pressure seal
  • Depending on the material, may achieve 10-70% filtration
  • Loses filtration ability after repeated wash.
  • Not fluid resistant 

FDA/CDC Recommended Uses:
Mask for civilian/non-medical settings. Limited ability to protect

face mask surgical mask procedure mask to-medicare
    3-PLY FACE MASK (typical surgical mask with earloops):
    • 3-ply folded mask
    • Should be disposed after 4 hours of constant wearing. 
    • No pressure seal
    • It generally achieves 70~90% filtration. Medical(surgical mask) grade achieves a minimal 95% to 99% filtration rate.
    • Fluid resistant
    • ASTM Level 3 surgical masks offer the highest fluid resistance. 

    FDA/CDC Recommended Uses:
    Good mask for civilian/non-medical settings. Good protection others from the wearer. Fair protection for the wearer from minimal droplets. High-level surgical masks.

    kn95 to-medicare
    KN95 Respirator (GB2626-2006/2019 CERTIFIED)

    • 4-ply folded mask with earloops
    • It can be worn for 8 to 12 hours.
    • Pressured/seal better than a traditional 3-ply surgical mask
    • >96% filtration of particles 3um(micron or micrometer) or larger
    • Fluid resistant

    FDA/CDC Recommended Uses:
    Excellent mask for use in civilian/non-surgical settings. A good alternative if N95 is not available. It offers good protection from the environment around the wearer and protects others. 

    n95 to-medicare

    N95 Respirator (NIOSH Certified)

    • Cup-style respirator with elastic straps. If you see anyone selling N95 with ear-loops, they are definitely not NIOSH certified because ear-loops cannot guarantee a perfect fit and seal 
    • Designed for maximum pressure seal around the nose/mouth - able to pass the "fit test"
    • >95% filtration of particles 3um(micron or micrometer) or larger
    • Fluid and/or oil resistant (surgical respirators only). N95 dust masks selling in regular hardware stores do not have fluid resistant

    FDA/CDC Recommended Uses:Healthcare and surgical settings for workers on the front-line. Specific types of N95s are designed for surgery. These are specially designed for respiratory protection for the wearing from the environment. They also protect others from the wearer.







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