About Us

Dear Customers,

We are a group of professional import and export experts that have been working across borders in the last few decades. We have the expertise to source products from various countries with competitive price while upholding qualities and standards that have to be met. We are Toronto Canada based distributor. 

This global pandemic has brought a shock wave to our world. 

Global supply chain is strained. Many businesses are struggling to bring goods to their customers. Some are struggling to keep afloat.

Offices are no longer crowded; many tasks are mostly completed in pajama, and most of the meetings are done through Zoom 

Many of us have to adapt to habits of constant hand washing as well as wearing some sort of PPE on daily basis. Yet, we have all the time we had asked for to spend with our love ones.

All in all, we hope we can ease some of your minds and concerns in this crazy yet still beautiful world. We want you to have the necessities to protect your love ones. We also want to provide those who are fighting for us at the front line.

Stay safe,



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