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Blue/Clear Disposable Vinyl Glove - 100 pcs

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 Size Chart:

  • Size S: CE size 7-8. Middle finger length: 7 cm. Palm's Width: 7.5 cm
  • Size M: CE size 8-9. Middle finger length: 7.5 cm. Palm's Width: 8.5 cm
  • Size L: CE size 9-10. Middle finger length: 8 cm. Palm's Width: 9.5 cm
  • Size XL: CE size 10-11. Middle finger length: 8.5 cm. Palm's Width: 10 cm
Note: the size is not the size of the glove, but the size of the hand. Please choose the right glove according to your hand.
201512022055 Size Chart
TypePowder-free, unsterile
ModelAmbidextrous, with rolled rim
StorageProtect from heat, humidity, strong light and ozone
Durability, in the original package, if stored as per din 7716 ISO 2230  Min. 5 years
100% polyvinyl chloride, no natural latex protein, DOP/DINP free.
1.No-toxic, no-sterile, and without any peculiar smell, no anaphylaxis to skin conducive to health.
2. Strength well and durable, good isolation beaded cuff, designed exquisitely to fit human hand-shape, ambidextrous to either hand; touch softly and wear comfortably.
3. Certificate:CE & ISO13485.
4. Vinyl gloves can also be widely used for medical, food, industrial field.
5. Touch softly and wear comfortably.
6.  Alkali-resistant, acid-resistant, and oil-resistant.













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